A little story…

First of all I want to start a short story, I’ll separate it in “chapters”, witch you’ll have to follow. I’ll post them by 1 a day. 

I know I’m not a master of English grammar and literature. But give me a chance. 

«I shouldn’t had eaten that chicken. It was a bit raw in the middle.

Oh well. I’ll just spend 1 month and a half in the hospital for a severe case of food poisoning! Damn, what was I thinking? I’m addicted to ” Doctor Oz ” shows, but never thought that day of one of his advices. I feel… ” Uh … Blaaaahhrgg” .»

Miss Weiseman! -says a nurse.

Are you okay?

Yes! Of course I feel all great! – says Weiseman in a sarcastic tone with vomit dripping down her night gown.

You’ll have to take those pills, my dear. I’ll get you a cup of water. Says the nurse.

Thanks… says the young woman as she presses her hand against her chest by holding herself from vomiting again.

« Today, I’ll just close my eyes and try to sleep. Too much work for me! Oh, yeah… I’ll just put my self in a fetal position and, damn what the hell?! Argh, I forgot that they put me on solute, that needle is such a pain in the A…. Ouch! Okay, I’ll just sleep on my back like a pancake! Just close your eyes….»

She suddenly feels a tap on her shoulder.

Now what! says the girl.

Her doctor presents himself to his patient.

Hi, I’m doc. Wright. Funny as it sounds, it’s not spelled the same.

He tries to be nice and fun, due to the fact that his patient looks a bit grumpy this morning.

“I’m…. I’m ”

You don’t need to tell your name, I already know. Tells the doctor, followed by a friendly blink.

I’ll have to check your heartbeats. I know it will be annoying and cold, but I have to do it.

Wright proceeds to verify her heartbeat. His cold fingers pass along slowly between her breasts, to then press the stethoscope on her heart. Weiseman jumps a little, a squeaky sigh comes out of her mouth. Wright smiles. Her face starts to get pink, red, redder ! She never had a man that close to her body… This situation starts to be very embarrassing. His breathings starts to be noisy. His eyes pierce her irises with strength. The girl quits the “game”, he then notices a suspicious look on her face and stops immediately. It could look wrong.

Your heart is in total shape today! I’m impressed. A bit fast, but good.

Weiseman passes her turn and let the doctor leave the room.

Letting his face out of the door, he notifies that he’ll be seeing her soon.

The young girl reminds about that awkward moment.

« That doctor is so hot! His smile, his hair, his eyes. I’m in love! But why did he touch me like that? Niah, must be nothing alarming. I’m just dementing. All doctors have to touch us anyways. MEH…. But then his breathing…. His look… Oh well… I must sleep. »


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Well, huuuh I don't care. Screw that! I don't like descriptions.
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